Adsense VS Adwords – What’s The Difference – How To PROFIT

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next five minutes what I’d
like to do is
show you another little piece
of the
puzzle in how the internet
marketing works
and what we’d like to do is
we’d like to
talk about the difference
between Google
Adsense and Google AdWords and
I’m going
to explain this in a very
simple way
using a story you see once
upon a time
there was this company called
Google in
the early days of the internet
Google was a search engine
their job was
to take all the people that
searching for things online
categorize all the websites
out there
with a ranking system and say
ok yeah
this one’s really relevant
this one’s
kind of relevant not so
relevant and on
and on we go and obviously the
relevant results would show up
on top
and Google became very popular
for their
algorithm because it gave
people what
they wanted and people were
happy now
what Google noticed one day is
noticed well you know we’re
doing really
good we are getting lots of
we’re getting a ton of traffic
everyone’s happy
but there’s just one small
problem we
built this as a business, not a
so the question was with all
people searching where’s the
money going
to come from where is the
money going to
come from and what happened is
some wise
person over at the Google Labs
or the
Google company rooms what they
did is
they said well you know we
here at
Google are providing lots of
free search
results based on what people
want so all
these stars are search results
that are
free what if we were to take
and move
this up a little bit move this
over a
little bit and put an ad here
ok and
what if this ad was relevant
as well to
the search engine stuff and
this was a
company that paid so for
example if it
was like someone looking for
sites or some kind of you know
the thing they want to buy maybe
eBay and what if we also put
ads down
the sides right and these are
ads by
Google if you do any search
and it has
ads on it you can see that now
this is
an example of Google AdWords
advertiser such as eBay or
yourself or
whatever company is showing up
in the
ads is actually paying Google
for that
ranking now they are only
paying when
someone clicks on their
okay they’re not paying just
to be there
they’re paying when someone
clicks this
is a pay-per-click model and
it makes
Google lots of money so here
they go
along and the guys at Google
are like
dude you are a genius we’re
making money
hand over fist and someone at
said yeah you know but I got a
you see what’s happening is
getting about 10 percent of
the people
to click on the ads ok
actually, it’s a
little bit less in some
markets and
sometimes a lot less for some
and some of the words don’t
even have
ads right so there’s still
lots and lots
and lots of people searching
single day and we’re not
anything right so all the free
all the people who are using
the free
results are basically getting
traffic making money and we’re
just kind
of sitting here saying hey
thanks a lot
so what they did is they said
well what
do these people have in common
they’re getting free traffic
from these
starred results right these
are the free
search engine rankings and
they say well
what do these people have in
common well
let’s take a look here first
of all they
got their traffic from Google
because they were one of the
relevant rankings they got
their traffic
from Google ok that’s that’s
pretty cool
now what happens is Google
lost the
traffic ok because Google gave
traffic to the website now
you’re on the
website and the website has
content neat
things and stuff like that for
people to
read and it helps people out
wonderful great but what about
the money
what about the money that we
could get
so what Google decided to do
is come up
with a simple little code that
a website
owner could simply place on
his website
that would generate ads by
Google ok
it’s an automatically generated ad
based on
wonderful code wonderful
algorithm that
they had so now all the people
that were
going to the free results
right for
those that choose to use
Adsense Google
is getting money back so
getting money from the same
that are advertising on the
main Google
website but now they’re
getting it from
your site in the form of
ads by
Google and what happens is
Google says
hey thanks for getting our
traffic back
we’d like to give you a small
or actually it’s a large
percentage I
think it’s like 70% of the
money that we
get for each click so it’s
very simple
Google’s happy they get money
happy you get the traffic you’re
happy you
get money from the traffic and
everything seems to go
wonderful so the
the way that Google works the
Google as
said by George Bush I think it
several years ago but hit any
rate he
called it the Google and sorry
running out a little bit of
time here
but basically what happens is
the Google
has two things one to recap is
search engine rankings okay so
three things so Google has
free search
engine ranking search google
you get the
free results wonderful great
okay Google also has the
advertising platform that is
where the
ads go directly next to the
result results on Google
Google also has
four people who own websites
and don’t
know how to make money off of
websites or want an easy way
to make
money they allow you to take
and put a
simple little code, not that
code a
simple little code on your
website that
shows these ads that are
relevant to
your site and in exchange you
get some
money and I got a little money
somewhere around here
basically, you get
paid for displaying the ads
that Google
has gone out and done the work
to get so
basically, you’re getting paid
for giving
Google back some other traffic
helping them make money on it
cool really simple
the difference is AdWords you
are buying
traffic from Google Adsense
you are
making money when people click on the
that are on your site Google AdWords you
pay google AdSense you get paid very
simple I hope this cleared it up for you
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between Google AdWords Adsense free
results and how to make money with ads
by Google thanks again for watching and
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